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    About us

    The company's products are trusted by customers for its reliable quality and high technology content.

    Founded in 2009, Suzhou Silicon Alloy Co., Ltd. is located in the new district of Taicang City, Jiangsu Province, close to Shanghai, in the core of the one-hour economic circle of the Yangtze River Delta. Convenient transportation and convenient transportation. The company's main products are multi-brand copper alloy material series (national standard drafting unit), high-force brass material series, self-lubricating copper alloy material series, lead-free copper rod series and deep-processed products for automobile synchronizer ring. Production, expected to produce 6,000 tons per year, sales invoices of 120 million yuan, the supply of products in short supply....[View Details]

    2009 Established

    6000 Pause

    Billing 12000 Ten thousand

    Product center

    The company's business objectives are to build a worldwide material base in the
    automotive parts and bathroom industry, providing brand services to the global public.

    Information center

    Media reports, comprehensive market information

    Subsidiaries: Suzhou Lili Cast Copper Rotor Research Institute Co., Ltd. Suzhou Herbaisi Pump Co., Ltd.

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